Figma #SP-047 Aegis (Aigis) Famistu Original Color Ver. Persona 4 The Ultimate P4U

Max Factory

SKU: GSC062562

Figma #161 Aegis Persona 4 The Ultimate P4U

From the 2D fighting game "Persona 4 The Ultimate", Aegis appears in the figma!

Smooth and figma original joint parts can reproduce every scene in the game.
Use of soft material to key points, to ensure the range of motion without compromising its proportions.
-Expression and a mild "smile", two "cry face" at the time of attack.
Armed to be used during game "Gatling", comes with a "bazooka" and "missile pod".
· It is also possible to attach to the back of all.
· "Bangs with a mask" to reproduce the additional content "glasses" was also available.
· Various figma Stand is bundled with a moveable strut to allow scene.

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