Mezco Toys One:12 Collective: Popeye & Bluto: Stormy Seas Ahead Deluxe Box Set Action Figure

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With the Stormy Seas Ahead deluxe box set, the spinach-loving sailor, Popeye, goes head-to-head with Bluto, his brutish arch-rival.

The One:12 Collective Popeye gets a refresh. From his crisp white sailor slacks, to his navy and white trimmed shirt, Popeye looks shipshape and in bristle fashion! Included are three different head portraits: two classic One:12 Collective Popeye options and an all-new roughed-up portrait. Popeye comes complete with a wide range of iconic sailor accessories and outfitting listed below.

The One:12 Collective Bluto completes the set. Appearing like he has been hanging around the docks and is up to no good, Bluto cuts a choppy wake wearing a collared shirt over a long-sleeve undershirt, work pants, and work boots - all featuring his classic colors.  He is packaged with two head portraits displaying varying levels of brawn and brawl. Bluto is well-equipped with some heavy, real metal gear to give his adversary a run for his money.

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