Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX Gemini Saga (Surplice) Saint Seiya


SKU: BAN828668

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX - Gemini Saga (Surplice)

The Surplice Saints from the Hades arc of Saint Seiya join the Saint Cloth Myth EX series. The first title will be the popular Gemini Saga Surplice.  This elaborate set features sleek EX style proportion and brilliant cloth armor rendered in purple hued diecast.  Three interchangeable faces are included, featuring closed eyes, screaming, and grieving faces.  An additional short sword accessory and interchangeable hands are also included in the set.  As with all EX Saint Seiya figures, the Surplice armor parts can be re-arranged to form the Surplice Object.

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