Bandai Metal Robot Spirits Gundam Seed Freedom STTS-808 Immortal Justice Gundam Action Figure


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Bandai Metal Robot Spirits Gundam Seed Freedom STTS-808 Immortal Justice Gundam SIDE MS Action Figure

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Immortal Justice Gundam Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM" appears with the METAL ROBOT SPIRITS!

Immortal Justice Gundam from "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed FREEDOM" is now available as a METAL ROBOT SPIRITS. The model is a high quality finished product with a style that pursues the story, die-cast parts that produce a sense of weight, intricate coloring, and a variety of armament deployment and deformation gimmicks built in!

A model that pursues the style in the play. The characteristic coloring is reproduced with complex coloring such as metallic gloss. Furthermore, original METAL ROBOT SPIRITS markings are printed on each part, creating a model with a high sense of density. Die-casting is used for each joint. Die-cast parts are plated to create a luxurious look.

The two wings connected to the back have a large volume and sharp shape. The wings on the back have many movable points and can be flexibly deployed. The shield has a built-in wing deployment mechanism. Effect parts are also included, allowing you to reproduce the attack state with the shield. Effect parts for the legs are also included to reproduce close combat. Beam rifle can be mounted on the waist. Two beam saber effects are included. Replacement wrist parts with facial expressions are also included. All weapons can be deployed to create impressive action poses. Can be transformed into MA form. The head storage has a built-on deformation mechanism that does not require replacement. 

Height: Approx. 140 mm

Material: ABS, PVC, Die-Cast

Contents: Main body, 4 pairs of interchangeable hands, Beam Rifle, Beam saber left and right, Shield, Shield effect, Leg beam blade effect left and right, Antenna spare, 1 set of shield joints, Stand joint set, Wrist parts left and right for Rising Freedom Gundam, Dedicated stand.

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