Complete Selection Modification CSM Kamen Rider Kiva Tatsulot Prop


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Complete Selection Modification CSM Kamen Rider Kiva Tatsulot Prop

From "Kamen Rider Kiva", with speech recognition and wireless communication systems. The transformation belt made for adults "CSM KIVAT BELT" and "CSM TATSULOT" are now launched! ~Newly recorded voices by Kivat-bat the 3rd (voice actor: Tomokazu Sugita) and Tatsulot (voice actor: Akira Ishida)~

"Kivat Belt" is the transformation belt used by the protagonist, Wataru Kurenai (actor: Koji Seto), when transforming into Kamen Rider Kiva.

The set of "CSM TATSULOT" includes the Tatsulot, a special stand, an exchangeable eye part (Emperor ver.) which can be used for "CSM KIVAT BELT (sold separately)", Tatsulot Fuestle and Wake Up Fuestle (Zanvat ver.).

By inserting the Tatsulot Fuestle into "CSM KIVAT BELT", "CSM TATSULOT" can connect wirelessly with "CSM KIVAT BELT" to activate the transformation into Emperor form just like in the TV show.

Moreover, same as "CSM KIVAT BELT", "CSM TATSULOT" is also equipped with the 3 systems - "Speech Recognition System", "Wireless Communication System" and "Speed Sensor", which enables it to respond and have conversations with you and Kivat-bat the 3rd.

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