Make Toys Quantron Set of 5 Action Figure


$279.99 $430.00

This is a five piece box set that will contain the following:

Blindfire - Transforms into a space jet fighter and also becomes the right arm of Quantron.
2x Fusion-cannon graded rifles
2x Laser bladed swords
His weapons are interchangeable and can be combines into a complex weapon system.

Celeritas - Transforms into a racing car and also the right leg of Quantron
2x Fusion-cannon graded rifles.

Sonicdrill - Transforms into a Drill Tank and also becomes the left leg of Quantron.
Two sets of hidden arms
2x PDWs
1x Mega Drill
4x Search lights.

Overheat - Transforms into a motorcycle and also becomes the left arm of Quantron.
2x Shoulder missile launchers
1x Fusion sniper rifle
Weapons combine to create a giant war hammer.

Metalstorm - Transforms into a heavy bomber and also becomes the torso of Quantron.
1x Fusion-cannon graded rifle
1x Fusion-cannon graded rifle with attached grenade launcher
2x Booster modules
1x Gigan cannon - can be dispatched and installed on the right arm. The Gigan Cannon can also transform into a composite bow or a cross bow.

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