ThreeZero FigZero 1/6 Naruto Kakashi Hatake Action Figure


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Three Zero Fig Zero 1/6 Naruto Kakashi Hatake Scale Action Figure

In the world of NARUTO, there is a character who is both strict and humorous, a genius teacher who sets an example and nurtures the next generation of ninja who carry the "Will of Fire." This character is one of the most popular in the series, the Sixth Hokage, the number one fan of "Make-Out Paradise," the leader of Team 7, the famous Kakashi Hatake.

FigZero 1/6th Kakashi Hatake stands at approximately 12.5" tall with about 29 points of articulation. The figure is designed in the classic style of the early part of the story, accurately portraying the vivid expressions and details of Kakashi Hatake in the anime. The clothing of the figure, which includes a Jonin vest and a navy long sleeve jumpsuit, is also highly detailed and realistic. The pair of ninja shoes have hidden magnets, and the waist bag is carefully crafted, greatly enhancing the realism of the figure.

FigZero 1/6 Kakashi Hatake inherits the series' careful handling of accessories and details. The figure comes with six sets of interchangeable hands, which includes three pairs of including three basic hand types (fist hands, relax hands, and jutsu sign hand), a pair of hands for holding Kunai, and two types of special hand gestures, including 'Thousand Years of Death' hands, and a right hand for connecting the 'Lightning Blade' effect. As for the head, the figure comes with three interchangeable expression face plates, including a normal face, a smiling face, and a Sharingan face with headband.

FigZero 1/6 Kakashi Hatake features a dynamic design that allows for versatile posing options, making it ideal for recreating classic scenes from the popular NARUTO anime series.

The special accessories include the "Make-Out Paradise" in its original colors, and the 'Lightning Blade' effect part. The action figure features excellent articulation and weight distribution, allowing it to be posed in various positions with ease. Together with Naruto Uzumaki (sold separately) and Sasuke Uchiha (sold separately) in the FigZero series, fans can recreate the iconic team formation of Team 7 in their collectible figure collection.

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