Transformers Beast Wars 2 Megastorm Megatron D-12


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Transformers Beast Wars 2 Megastorm Megatron D-12

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Sono King/Takara D-12 Transformers Beast Wars II D-12 Megastorm.
 This item is brand new and factory sealed. With the revival of the Transformers franchise in the US due to Beast Wars, considered to be one of the best Transformers series ever, Japan finally joined in the resurgence of the Transformers with the release of their own Beast Wars series, Beast Wars II.

One of the most popular characters of the Transformers Universe, Megatron, is spiritually brought back into the Beast Wars timeline as Megastorm. Megastorm is a completely new character in Beast Wars II and is not related to the US Beast Wars toyline or tv series. Megastorm is a redeco of Megatron from the Hasbro Transformers: Generation 2 toyline. Megastorm is manufactured by Takara but was released in Korea under Sono King. This is an exact duplicate of the Takara and Hasbro version of the toy and IS NOT A KNOCK-OFF. Megastorm is ready to destroy any Maximal with his fusion cannon/missile launcher and to slag them in his tank mode. Megastorm is reproduced straight from the Hasbro Transformers G2 line with all the accessories including missiles for his turret cannon/missile launcher. Show your Decepticon and Predacon allegiance by getting your hands on Megastorm.

D-12 (D-12) Beast Wars II Megastorm features:

  • Tank mode
  • Green and purple color scheme
  • Turret cannon/Missile launcher with missiles
  • Gun
  • Profile card

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