Transformers Club 2011 TFCC Exclusive G2 Ramjet



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Ramjet doesn\'t know how he was exposed to Forestonite but he\'s definitely grateful for the tougher skin that he\'s grown in alternate mode. Now when he catches any hot shot pilot, human or Autobot, in his territory amongst thffe clouds, he has the capability of truly putting that pilot in a jam! Instead of locking on with his weapons, Ramjet engages his afterburners knowing that one strike from his strengthened nose cone will leave all of his adversaries toast!

G2 Ramjet is a Deluxe sized figure featured in the Wings Universe and is part of the Generation 2: Redux cast. G2 Ramjet utilizes the extremely popular Classics seeker mold. The toy is packed in a convention style box with a foam insert for easy removal and display.

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