Transformers Sunstorm Encore 89 Exclusive E-Hobby

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e-Hobby Transformers Sunstorm Exclusive

Taking advantage of Sunstorm's growing popularity, Dreamwave Productions opted to include a similar but re-imagined version of the character into their equally re-imagined 21st century version of the Generation One universe. Here, Sunstorm was a clone of Starscream, one of many Transformer clones created by Shockwave after investigation of the cloning technology of the Quintessons. At an early stage in the cloning process, Shockwave experimented with installing fusion reactors in his clones, but their bodies burnt out, unable to contain the energies. A solution was reached, however, when Shockwave coated the Starscream clone in the element known as electrum, allowing it to contain the fusion reactor's energies.

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