Trinity Seven 1/8th Scale Lieselotte Sherlock Swimwear Ver.


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Trinity Seven Lieselotte Sherlock Swimwear Ver. 1/8th Scale

This seductive figure features Lieselotte Sherlock from the Trinity Seven manga, anime and novel series! Known for her confident personality and seductive actions, Lieselotte is the twin sister of Selina and a student at the Royal Biblia Academy, as well as a member of the Trinity Seven of Acedia. This figure depicts her with a playful smile, suited up in a bright pink bikini and showing off her captivating proportions in an extremely attractive pose! She can also be displayed with the included monolith-like display stand that comes with translucent magic effect parts! Don’t forget to display her with the 1/8th swimwear Lilith Asami and Mira Yamana figures!

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