Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Figure Complex Disney Winnie the Pooh No.011


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Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Figure Complex Disney Winnie the Pooh No.011

Sculptor: Eiichirou Matsumoto

It's that silly old bear Winnie the Pooh!
Fans know well Pooh's laid back nature and love for honey. His warm presence is kept as is and made into an articulated figure.

-Pooh's adorable plump and round form in this figure are modeled after his image from the animation. He overflows with the plush toy like qualities that will heal your heart and make you want to touch it.

-Priority was given in creating the joints so the effect of Pooh being a walking teddy bear would not be ruined. The chest has a ball joint and the position of articulated joints in relation to the stomach make Pooh with is plump tummy look a bit unbalanced and cute like a baby whether standing or sitting.

-Revolver joints are used in the arms, hips, feet, neck and ears. This allows Pooh to be adjusted a bit such as tilting the neck and ears to express emotions and poses like in the cartoon that make him dear.

-The honest emotions Pooh displays are part of his charm. The included expression parts help recreate this aspect. A standard very Pooh-like raised eyebrow, a satisfied smile for when he just enjoyed a smackeral of honey, a sleepy look, and a frown for when his favorite honey is gone are the 4 expression parts included.

-When talking about Winnie the Pooh his favorite honey cannot be forgotten. A honey pot like he always has near at hand is included! There is also a transparent part for dripping honey is included as well that can be put on his hand to make it look like he is eating. The head can be removed and the honey pot placed there to recreate the comical image of getting the last drops but also getting stuck.

-Alternative parts include a scarf he wears in winter, a stump chair to sit on, and a tree branch. The tree branch can be put in his hand to recreate scenes such as chasing bees or sitting around a campfire.

-The bottom can be removed and used with the tree hole or the entrance to Rabbits house to recreate Pooh getting stuck. The bottom uses a magnet so it can also be placed on a refrigerator or metal wall.

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