Bandai HG Amplified IMGN Mashin Hero Wataru Ryuoumaru Model Kit


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Expected release date May 2024 / June 2024

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Bandai HG Amplified IMGN Mashin Hero Wataru Ryuoumaru Model Kit

From "Mashin Hero Wataru", "Ryuomaru" with a tall head and body arrangement based on the original interpretation of the plastic model has been made into a three-dimensional figure with HG Amplified IMGN! “Amplify” Ryuomaru’s charm with actions unique to his tall body and transformation into Houou form!

  • "HG Amplified IMGN" is a series that imagines new arrangements based on the concept of a plastic model product and "amplifies" the charm of the characters.
  • Powerful action with a total length of approximately 170mm! Actions that take advantage of the long limbs unique to his tall head and body “amplify” Ryuomaru’s new charm!
  • The forehead can be reproduced by selecting whether or not there is a pattern.
  • Gloss injection molding and gold plated parts are used. Expressing a vivid texture with high-density modeling.
  • The blade of the Horyuken is gold-plated. The original design pattern is reproduced with 3D metallic stickers.
  • The scabbard shield is equipped with an opening/closing gimmick for the Phoenix form. It is also possible to store the Horyuken.
  • Can transform into Houou form. Includes plastic model original PET sheet effects that can be attached when in Houou form. In addition to the tall arrangement, Ryuomaru's charm is "amplified" with original effects.
  • By attaching the dragon claw on the shoulder to the attached pedestal, it is possible to reproduce "Ryuga Fist".
  • A pedestal for display is also included.
  • Accessories: Horyu sword ×1, Sheath shield x 1, PET sheet for effects x 1 set, Pedestal x 1, Joint parts for pedestal x 1, Seal x 1, 3D metallic sticker x 1.

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