Bandai HG Armored Trooper Votoms: Shining Heresy (1994) Burglarydog Model Kit


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Bandai HG Armored Trooper Votoms: Shining Heresy (1994) Burglary Dog Model Kit

Burglarlydog is commercialized from the OVA work "Armored Trooper VOTOMS: Shining Heresy (1994)"!

  • A variety of weapons and hand parts are included. "Trample Rigger" and "Dropper's Folding Gun" are deployed, and the gimmick unique to Burg Rally Dog is also reproduced.
  • With the range of motion of the main body and the joint mechanisms of various parts of the legs, it is possible to reproduce a "roller dash".
  • Equipped with movable legs that reproduce the landing mechanism in HG size. You can enjoy the display with its characteristic pose.
  • Turret lens can slide left and right and rotate. Combined with the movable head, it creates a variety of expressions. The lens color uses 3D metallic stickers.
  • With the telescopic gimmick installed inside the forearm, it is possible to reproduce the "arm punch".
  • Exterior parts for customization that increase compatibility with 3mm joints are also included, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of customization.
  • Accessories: Heavy machine gun x 1, Hand parts x 1 set, Exterior parts for customization x 1 set, Joint parts x 1 set, 3D metallic sticker x 1.

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