Bandai Plannosaurus Giganotosaurus Model Kit


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Bandai Plannosaurus Giganotosaurus Model Kit

The largest carnivorous dinosaur "Giganotosaurus" is now available in the 8th edition of "Plannosaurus", a brand that lets you "know everything about dinosaurs" with your own hands!

  • You can learn about the internal structure of dinosaurs with Skeleton Build.
  • "Dinosaur Build" allows you to restore the dinosaur's appearance using specifications unique to plastic models, where the skin parts are attached to the top of the skeleton.
  • Easy to assemble as no tools such as nippers or adhesives are required.
  • The characteristics of Giganotosaurus are now three-dimensional with new modeling based on theory.
  • The hard protrusions above the eyes covered in keratin that look like short horns are realistically expressed based on theory.
  • The shape of the neural spines on the back, which were developed higher than those of the Tyrannosaurus rex, which has a similar physique, is three-dimensional.
  • The characteristics of the thin, sharp teeth that are thought to have been used to cut the prey's meat cleanly from the bones are also realistically reproduced.
  • Based on fossils of closely related species, it is estimated that the forelimbs had powerful muscles and three sharp claws. The forelimbs, which are thought to have been powerful weapons, have been made into three-dimensional models based on theory.
  • Various parts such as the opening and closing of the mouth, forelimbs, hindlimbs, neck and tail can be moved, allowing you to display your favorite poses.
  • Accessories: Seal x 1, Pedestal x 1.

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