D-Style #34 Absolutely Invincible Raijin-Oh Kotobukiya Model Kit


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 The Jaaku Empire (literally "Evil Empire") comes to Earth with intent

to conquer and despoil it. The "guardian of light" Eldran appears, an Ultraman-like entity who is sworn to protect the universe and Earth in particular. Using the

heroic robot Raijin-Oh, Eldran attempts to thwart the Evil Empire by preventing the missile from striking Earth. When the missile

detonates against Eldran, the robot crashes into a Japanese elementary school.

Eldran must leave to continue protecting the Earth, so he leaves the duty of defeating the Evil Beasts to a classroom full of children in

the school where he crashed. He entrusts the children with Raijin- Oh, granting each child a different role to perform in either

operating or supporting Raijin-Oh. Eldran also transforms their school itself, so it can transform into a command center when

Raijin-Oh is needed. Jin, Asuka and Koujii are chosen to lead Raijinoh. If the enemy becomes too powerful for the trio to handle.

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