Figure-rise Standard Masked Rider Kamen Rider OOO Tajadoru (Tajadol) Combo Plastic Model Kit


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SKU: BAN637697

Figure-rise Standard Masked Rider Kamen Rider 000 Tajadoru (Tajadol) Combo Plastic Model Kit

Taka! Kujiaku! Condole! Kamen Rider OOO Tajador Combo is here! From "Kamen Rider OOO", "Kamen Rider OOO Tajador Combo", which has been combo-changed with three medals of "Taka", "Peacock" and "Condor", is now available in Figure-rise Standard! Reproduce the whole body with new modeling. The taja spinner and back blade parts can be attached and detached. Includes leg deployment parts for prominence drops.

  • Reproduce the Tajador combo with new parts!
  • Reproduce the characteristic color and shape of the Tajador combo.
  • Includes new parts such as the chest "Orang Circle" and medals that can be set on the belt.
  • Reproduce the Taja Spinner with clear red and silver molding colors.
  • Reproduce the opening and closing of the cover and the pull-out gimmick of the lever.
  • Reproduce "Prominence Drop" with special parts!
  • Includes leg replacement parts to reproduce the special move "Prominence Drop".
  • Equipped with a combo change gimmick! Combination of variants is possible!
  • It is possible to combine the separately sold product "Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo" with a variant form.
  • Delivered in full-color PKG newly drawn!

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