Good Smile Company THE GATTAI Ryujin DX Dynazenon Action Figure

Good Smile Company

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From "SSSS.DYNAZENON" comes a rerelease of the deluxe combinable toy of Dynazenon!

The pre-painted ABS complete robot stands at approximately 250mm.
The Dyna Soldier, Dyna Wing, Dyna Striker and Dyna Diver mecha can all be combined to create the Dynazenon and Dyna Rex combinations.
Dyna Soldier can be combined with each other mecha.
Equipped with automatic leg missile hatch deployment system. Full Burst Mode can also be recreated.
Each joint's wide range of articulation makes it possible to create dynamic action poses.
The Dyna Saber is included as well, and has been recreated with translucent parts.
Interchangeable hand parts are included along with a special stand base.

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