Hot Toys 1/6 Halo High Altitude Low Opening Green Berets Action Figure

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Hot Toys Halo High Altitude Low Opening Green Berets Action Figure

SEAL Team SIX pioneered the use of Free Fall to jump boats and other large operational gear. They perfected the method of High Altitude/Low opening (HALO) jumping from upwards of 36,0m x 0m on oxygen; at that altitude the temperature is subzero, and it is common for your goggles to freeze and shatter, and your eyeballs to freeze shut. This type of jumping is very dangerous because of the effects of hypoxia - lack of oxygen. Hypoxia can cause a man to lose consciousness in an instance with no prior warning. One second you are checking your altimeter, the next you are out. Bam - no warning. If this happens while in freefall it can lead to sudden deceleration trauma - you guessed it - death upon impact. Equipment common to all freefall ops are the Ram Air, altimeter, FF2 (automatic pressure activated rip cord pulling device - it is supposed to pop your chute if you don't when you descend past a pre-set altitude). Hook knife, helmet and goggles, gloves, oxygen bottle and mask (if jumping over 12,0m x 0m) and a sturdy pair of jump boots (Danner's are a highly recommended brand) are a must for ankle support.

DISCLAIMER: This product has been OPENED and although NOTHING appears to be missing, the parachute backpack is dark green instead of white.

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