KFC E.A.V.I Phase Seven Ditka Action Figure



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KFC E.A.V.I Ditka Action Figure

Material: ABS & Die-Cast

Ditka stands 9.50" tall in robot mode and transforms into either a Mig-25 Jet Fighter or a Tank.

Features :
- Light up sword
- Diecast joints
- Diecast Feet
- Long Extendable feet for stable standing and pose
- Masterpiece scaled (Towering at 9.5" /24cm tall!!)
- Clear jet mode stand
- G1 foldable gun (under wing storage)
- Silver comic head and cartoon head included
- On-sprue missile and racks for custom and DIY
- Football from cartoon scene
- Missile with shooting gimmic
- Turret can be dismantled if like to swap with Ditka Maniac Ver.
- Bio card
- Manual instruction booklet

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