Marvel Legends 2012 Wave 2 Arnim Zola Series Drax Action Figure


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ARNIM ZOLA is a supervillain who constructed his own body so he could carry out his evil plans. Now you can build your own ARNIM ZOLA figure with the parts that come with these cool MARVEL LEGENDS figures! When you get this menacing DRAX figure, you also get the left leg for your ARNIM ZOLA figure! Collect all 6 parts (other figures sold separately) and complete the evil mastermind’s body! Then send your DRAX and other figures (sold separately) into battle at his side! The action is epic when you build your own ARNIM ZOLA figure!

Figure is 6’’ scale and comes with knife accessories and left leg part.

Item is Brand New and sealed, However, there is Shelf Wear on the Box.

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