Medicom Toys Project BM Masked Kamen Rider Fourze Module Set PBM Action Figure

Medicom Toy

SKU: MED390703

Project BM 1/6 Kamen Masked Rider Fourze Module Set

Can be attached to Fourze module sold separately set to "PBM! Kamen Rider Fourze Base States"! The full set of basic equipment module of 1-4! (can be mounted on right forearm Fourze) rocket module Completely reproduce the rocket form characteristic! Reproduced in three dimensions by the cover of another body parts center is "Managing booster Kay!" The precision reproduce the detail of vernier parts "Exhaust thruster!" (can be attached to Fourze right shin) launcher module to "cross container pod" is It can be loaded missiles 5 departure. I print a pattern reflecting the image of a mask of Fourze The private missile. (can be mounted to Fourze left shin) drill module Precise reproduction of the blade spiral drill tip "Digibitto!" Body "powered motor" portion reproduce the shape with the voluminous feel! Ground effect type stand base attached! (can be mounted on the left forearm Fourze) radar module Movable base reflector unit of tip "astroradome!" Reproduce the screen of lock-on state information display in the "multi-touch panel float!" the switch ON state "Astro Switch" 1.2.3 attached! I can attach the optional Fourze figure in "Fourze Driver"!

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