Ocular Max Perfection Series RMX-06 Furor & RMX-07 Riot Action Figures 2 Pack

Ocular Max


Ocular Max Perfection Series RMX-06 Furor & RMX-07 Riot Action Figures 2 Pack

 RMX-06 Furor and RMX-07 Riot Set of 2 is part of the Remix toyline, stands 5.3-inches tall and transforms from a robot to Cassette Tape and back.

Furor is never a bot that looks at the bigger picture and only wants to bring violence and mayhem everywhere he goes. Annihilation and war are the fuel that help ignite his spark.  Despite his diminutive stature, he will be the first one into any battlefield with no fear. It's due to these actions and single-mindedness that his brother, Riot, is the only one that can truly understand him. 

Don’t let his compact size fool you because Riot is tough as they come. He has taken down larger bots that are 10 times his size. Although he’s small in size, he has a big mouth and his trash talking has gotten him in trouble more than a few times with fellow Eliminators. Along with being tough, he also has a love for wrecking things without any care with his brother Furor, and that is why he has modified his arms to transform into powerful piledrivers that can topple any building with ground shattering waves.

Both come with an amazing accessory pack including 2 electric-powered piledrivers, 2 handguns that can be concealed in the cassette mode, and a stand with weathering paint effect.

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