Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 G.I. Joe Cobra Storm Shadow Sixth Scale Figure

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Sideshow Collectibles G.I. Joe Cobra Storm Shadow Sixth Scale Figure

The deadly assassin, Storm Shadow is the newest member of Sideshow Collectibles COBRA Sixth Scale figure collection. Highly skilled, this silent and efficient killer wields his weapon of choice, an impressive compound bow and arrow set, along with a few other tools of his trade, including a razor sharp katana, shuriken, and a pair of ninja tonfas. Outfitted in a winter camouflage suit and assault vest, Storm Shadow carries a fully equipped pack with detailed harnesses. Whether he's aligned with the vile terrorist organization COBRA, or carrying out a special mission for an old friend, Storm Shadow is always ready to strike!

What's in the Box?

    Balaclava concealed portrait
    Bow with arrows
    Two (2) Ninja Tonfas
    Winter camouflage suit
    Forearm gauntlets
    Shin guards
    Ninja Tabi boots
    Padded assault vest
    Clawed fighting hand
    Shuriken hand
    Additional posed gloved hands
    Climbing rope
    Assault pack
    Figure Display Stand

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