Transformers Beast Wars D-9 Buzz Saw

Takara Tomy

SKU: TAK062867

D-09 Transformers Beast Wars Buzz Saw. This item is brand new and factory sealed. With the revival of the Transformers franchise in the US due to Beast Wars, considered to be one of the best Transformers series ever, Japan finally joined in the resurgence of the Transformers with the release of the original Beast Wars figures.

Based on Waspinator of the most popular characters of the hit show, Transformers: Beast Wars, Buzz Saw is a redeco of Waspinator as a yellowjacket instead. Buzz Saw is recolored in yellow and black instead of Waspinator's green and is reproduced straight from the Hasbro version with all the accessories which can be hidden in their animal modes, including their alternate mutant head, which was actually used in the series instead of the robot head for Waspinator. If you missed your chance to get Beast Wars Buzz Saw when they were out, this is your chance to MAXIMIZE your Beast Wars collection.

D-09 Beast Wars Buzz Saw features:

  • Yellowjacket mode
  • Missile launcher that transforms into the stinger
  • 2 missiles
  • Mutant head
  • Profile card


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