Transformers Beast Wars Neo DX-01 Longrack vs. Guiledart

Takara Tomy

SKU: TAK103700

Sono King/Takara DX-01 Transformers Beast Wars Neo VS-29 Longrack vs. Guiledart. This item is brand new and factory sealed. With the revival of the Transformers franchise in the US due to Beast Wars, Transformers is back with a vengeance in Japan with the sequel to the hit show, Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Neo with all new characters and all new toys exclusive to Japan only.

Beast Wars Neo continues the war between the Cybertrons and the Destrons as Cybertron Longrack battles Destron Guiledart in the "Showdown in the Savannah" Beast Wars Neo versus set, VS-29. Longrack, second in command and adheres to the rules strictly (kinda like G1 Prowl), heads into battle as a Giraffe, with his new Battle Emplacement mode, and his grappling claw. Longrack's other specialty is his use of C-31 Stampy's and C-32 Break's Weapon Attack mode as a Targetmaster-like weapon. Guiledart, Magmatron's right-hand man and tactician, heads into battle as a Triceratops, with his new Trap mode (aka "Play dead" mode), and his Tail Shooter missile launcher weapon.

Longrack and Guiledart are manufactured by Takara but was released in Korea under Sono King. This is an exact duplicate of the Takara versions of the toys and ARE NOT KNOCK-OFFS. Longrack and Guiledart are ready for battle in the Savannah, and if you missed your chance to get them when they were out, this is your chance to complete your collection of Beast Wars Neo.

DX-01 (VS-29) Beast Wars Neo Longrack vs. Guiledart features:

  • C-29 Longrack
  • Giraffe mode
  • Battle Emplacement mode with missile launcher and grappling claw
  • Movable tongue, mouth and eyes
  • Claw arm (can hold C-31 Stampy and C-32 Break in their Weapon Attack mode)
  • Missile launchers for both Battle Emplacement mode and Robot mode
  • 2 missiles
  • Cybertron Spark Crystal
  • D-29 Guiledart
  • Triceratops mode
  • Trap mode (aka "Play dead" mode)
  • Tail Shooter missile launcher transforms into the tail
  • 1 missile
  • Battle damage
  • Movable tongue and eyes
  • Destron Spark Crystal
  • Highly pose-able and highly detailed
  • Profile cards


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