Transformers Binaltech BT-11 Ravage Corvette

Takara Tomy

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Transformers Binaltech Chevrolet Corvette (Convertible) Ravage. This item is brand new and factory sealed. This die-cast version was only available in Japan via the Binaltech series by Takara. Don't pass your chance to complete your Binaltech collection with this controversial Binaltech.

Ravage is the popular Transformers G1 cassette warriror reimagined into a sleek black Chevrolet Corvette Convertible for the Binaltech series. The controversy over this toy is due to the decision of Takara to remold the BT-06 Chevrolet Corvette Tracks mold into a humaniod concept of Ravage instead of its more popular pather mode. The only other appearance of Ravage in his humanoid form was in the Transformers Beast Wars series. In the US, the toy was released as Battle Ravage, a different take on Ravage, but the toy remained the same except without the die-cast and metallic coat. As the 11th Binaltech, it sports its original black color and has a cat/pather head mold to slightly pay homage to the original Ravage, while the vanity plate reads "RAVAGE".

BT-11 Binaltech Ravage features:

  • Die-cast with metallic finish
  • Detailed interior
  • Doors and hood open and close
  • Engine transforms into a gun
  • Includes forearm shotguns
  • Special Profile card
  • 1:24 Scale

In the Binaltech continuity, Ravage is based off of the Beast Wars incarnation of Ravage. This Ravage is the future timeline Ravage, who is able to travel back in time to the G1 timeline and capture the Ravage of that timeline and lock him into his alternate mode, a cassette, inside the radio cassette player. In Beast Wars, Ravage appears as the former Decepticon who has been reprogrammed as a Predacon with amnesty for his past actions as a Decepticon.

Beast Wars is the first and only time that Ravage has appeared in a humanoid form while retaining the feline head, thus explaining why this controversial Binaltech mold exist in this form and still follows Transformers G1 lore. Even with the explanation of this mold, the toy is still deemed as being very controversial as Hasbro eventually released a completely new mold for Ravage in the US due to the fan demands and complaints. The original Ravage is reimagined by Hasbro in the Alternators line in the form of a Jaguar XK where Ravage transforms back into his original alternate mode of a panther. With the ending of the Transformers Binaltech line, this exclusive limited edition product will be extremely hard to get in the future.

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