Transformers Galaxy Force (Cybertron) GD-06 Inch-up Action Figure

Takara Tomy

SKU: TAK576647

GD-06 Transformers: Galaxy Force Inch Up. This item is brand new and factory sealed. One of the newer lines of Transformers, Galaxy Force, better known in the US as Cybertron, combines some of the best concepts from Beast Wars, Micron Legend (known in the US as Armada) and Super Link (known in the US as Energon) to bring you a whole new and fun line of Tranformers.

Inch Up\'s alternate mode is a monster truck. Inch Up (known as Dirt Boss in the US version) is a citizen of Speedia, and only joins the Destrons in order to beat Nitro Convoy in a race. Inch Up\'s alternate mode is a Monster Truck and, like all Galaxy Force Transformers, it comes with a Force Chip that activates a gimmick unique to each Transformer known as Force Ignition. Inch Up\'s Force Ignition activates his High Speed Mode in his monster truck mode and also activates his Shoulder Vulcan attack in robot mode. "IGNITION!!!"

GD-06 Galaxy Force Inch Up features:

  • Monster Truck mode
  • Speedia Force Chip (activates Force Ignition weapon
  • Force Chip also activates High Speed Mode for vehicle mode)
  • Profile card


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