Transformers Henkei Classic Autobot Warriors Ratchet, Kup, Perceptor 3-Pack Action Figure Set Asia Exclusive

Takara Tomy

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Transformers Henkei Classic Autobot Warriors Ratchet, Kup, Perceptor 3-Pack Action Figure Set Asia Exclusive

This is the Asia market exclusive, limited edition Autobot Specialists! All three figures will feature updated paint decos and 3-pack exclusive limited edition packaging!

Kup: Sergeant Kup is modified according to the framework of an Earth-based truck, and is equipped with Musket Laser accessory. A cranky, roughhewn veteran with myriad tales at his disposal and all varieties of solicited and unsolicited advice for his cohorts, Kup has a penchant for lackadaisically reflecting upon his past adventures, literally in the course of present-moment engagements. Kup’s antiquated Musket Laser fires bursts of metal-corroding acid; Kup’s partner, Recoil, transforms into a similar version to the original musket. In vehicle mode, Kup is capable of a maximum speed of 100 mph with a range of 800 miles. In Transformers: The Movie, Kup served as Hot Rod’s impromptu mentor, battling a horde a Sharkticons alongside the younger Autobot.

Ratchet: Equipped with a double-ended Converting Cannon with a deployable translucent red blade, Asia Exclusives Henkei Ratchet converts into an SUV with an emergency lightbar. On Cybertron Ratchet is renowned as the planet’s best mechanic, furnished with a workbay in which he can construct anything varying from a pin to a missile. Outfitted with laser scalpels, arc-welders, electron microscopes, circuit sensors and fluid dispensers, Ratchet tends to wounded Autobots, however his penchant for parties and backtalk occasionally impedes his effectiveness. His jovial demeanor, however, is gradually diminished after countless encounters with Megatron, predisposing him to bouts of melancholy and applying a grim edge to his bedside manner.

Perceptor: Asia Exclusives Henkei Perceptor coverts into a scientific expedition vehicle, the rooftop gun converting into Perceptor’s shoulder-situated cannon, microscope attachment. Among the most intelligence of all Autobots, Perceptor is driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, an obsession with sometimes interferes with other duties. He is specifically tasked with maximizing the Autobots’ adaptation to Earth’s environment. He specialties include metallurgy, molecular chemistry and electrical engineering. His microscope attachment is capable of powerful magnification, and can be converted into a formidable light cannon, however his lens is his point of vulnerability. Despite his various quirks and pronounced absent-mindedness he is the contributor of some of the greatest technology currently in the possession of the Autobots.

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