Fansproject TFX-01B Shadow Commander


$59.99 $119.99

The Shadow Commander Trailer Set is a custom kit created by FansProject for use with the Nemesis Prime figure. Nemesis Prime truck figure is pictured in several of our pictures below, but is NOT included with this set, only the add-on trailer parts are included. Nemesis Prime is available separately here:

Shadow Commander features a new translucent pink sword accessory as well as a sword clip. The figure will be constructed of high quality ABS plastic, and FansProject has further improved the structure & construction of this figure through the use of additional metal screws, several improved joints, even higher quality plastic, and various other refinements. The figure will also be packaged with an all-new comic-style instruction booklet, and a new box design.

Please Note: The picture below showing all the different parts of the trailer shows the sword in all-black. The actual sword will be clear pink/red - this image was of a prototype.

Please Note: This aftermarket accessory piece is not produced or associated with Hasbro or Takara and is not a Transformers brand toy. These custom pieces are intended to further enhance the enjoyment of your existing Transformer collection.

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