Kamen Rider Gaim Complete Selection Modification CSM Lockseed Helheim Set


SKU: BAN586142

Kamen Rider Complete Selection Modification CSM Lockseed Helheim Set

The Helheim Lockseed set introduces 6 new Lockseeds to the CSM lineup Golden Ringo, Silver Ringo, Silver Ringo, Fifteen, Maja, and Helheim. The CSM Lockseeds include additional sounds over the DX, including Arms dropping, opening and henshin sounds.

It also comes with 6 faceplates for use in CSM Sengoku Drivers including Mars, Kamuro, Jam, Fifteen, Maja, and Sylphy. The Lock Seeds included are the same specification of the original DX releases but are not guaranteed to be compatible with the original DX Drivers. The Face plates are not cross-compatible.

  • 6 Lockseeds
    • Golden Ringo Lockseed
    • Silver Ringo Lockseed
    • Black Ringo Lockseed
    • Fifteen Lockseed
    • Maja Lockseed
    • Helheim Lockseed
  • 6 Face plates
    • Mars face plate
    • Kamuro face plate
    • Jam face plate
    • Fifteen face plate
    • Maja face plate
    • Sylphy face plate

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