Transformers United Henkei Classic Exclusive Ultra Magnus

Takara Tomy

SKU: TAK463429

Transformers Henkei Classic Exclusive Ultra Magnus

Utilizing the Classics Voyager Class mold originally packaged in the exclusive Battle for Autobot City box set with Skywarp, this version of Ultra Magnus features a modified color scheme complete with vacuum metallized grill and fender. He is equipped with a pair of guns which can be combined to form a larger shoulder-situated cannon.

Ultra Magnus is characterized as the archetypal soldier, a stoic warrior with unsurpassed courage who is disinclined towards the prospect of leadership. In Transformers: The Movie, Optimus Prime passes the Matrix to Ultra Magnus; the latter, believing himself unworthy of the role of leader, accepts the mystic vessel reluctantly. Soon after, Ultra Magnus rallies the remaining Autobots as the Decepticons, now led by Galvatron, launch a follow-up attack against Autobot City. Piloting the vehicle mode Cyclonus, Galvatron, eager to gain access to the Matrix of Leadership, resolves to destroy Ultra Magnus. Dividing their ranks, the Autobots board a pair of shuttles and withdraw from Earth. On the Planet of Junk, Magnus makes a valiant stand against Galvatron and the Sweeps to buy escape time for his comrades. Failing to open the Matrix and unleash its power, Magnus is swiftly blasted apart by the Sweeps. In the aftermath of the battle, however, Magnus’ remains are collected and reconstructed by the Junkions.

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