Transformers Legacy Evolution Humble Origins Senator Shockwave & Data Clerk Orion Pax 2-Pack Action Figure Exclusive


SKU: HAS143655

Transformers Legacy Evolution War Dawn Erial & Dion 2-Pack Action Figure Exclusive

Experience the origin stories of legendary Cybertronians before the war with the Humble Origins 2-Pack! Before the Cybertronian War, Shockwave served as a representative of the Senate while Orion Pax worked as a data clerk in the archives of Cybertron. The Humble Origins 2-Pack comes with a Senator Shockwave action figure and a Data Clerk Orion Pax action figure. Both Transformers action figures convert from robot to Cybertronian vehicle mode and come with Energon Axe and blaster accessories. This 2-Pack of Transformers toys features exclusive packaging artwork! Collect all pre-Cybertronian war action figures for boys and girls to piece together the full scene.

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