Bandai Metal Build Gundam 00 Gundam Exia Devise Action Figure


SKU: BAN634825

Bandai Metal Build Gundam 00 Gundam Exia Devise  Action Figure

Featuring new design work by "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" series designer Kanetake Ebikawa, this set includes a GN Raster Sword and GN Devise Backpack. The pack is compatible with optional accessories that will be sold in the future.

  • Gundam Devise Exia figure
  • Optional antenna
  • Waist launch parts
  • GN Drive
  • GN Sword clip
  • GN Sword parts
  • 2 GN Shields
  • GN Short blade
  • GN Long blade
  • 2 GN Beam Daggers
  • 2 GN Beam Sabers
  • 2 GN Beam Saber grips
  • Rear armor
  • Backpack
  • Proto GN Buster Sword
  • GN Condenser
  • 2 Optional hands for backpack
  • Left and Right Astraea joint
  • Display joint parts
  • Stand 
  • Support rod
  • Secondary support rod

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