DC Universe Darkseid DC Variants Play Arts Kai Action Figure

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DC Comics Darkseid DC Variants Play Arts Kai Action Figure

The impact DARKSEID made when he first appeared before Superman was one of the most important events in the DCU so we kept that in mind when recreating his large frame. This figure is more substantial and robust compared to previous figures in the Variant series, with bulging muscles and heavy-duty armor. DARKSEID's imposing stature is bound to impress and influence those who see him. The joints have a very wide range of mobility which allows for various poses, the chest emblem features a translucent piece, and the paint work exudes his ominous presence through the colors accented with weathered textures. Finally, the face piece which recreates energy pulsing from his Omega Effect complete this figure for the collector to recreate and enjoy the world of DARKSEID.



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