Figure-rise Standard Amplified Digimon Adventure MetalGreymon Vaccine (Amplified) Model Kit


SKU: BAN657183


Figure-rise Standard Amplified Digimon Adventure Metal Greymon Vaccine (Amplified) Model Kit

"MetalGreymon (vaccine species)" from "Digimon Adventure: 2020 " is lined up in the Figure-rise Standard Amplified series. The contrast between the machine and the body is thoroughly amplified with Amplified's unique modeling. The chest hatch opens, and it is possible to take the projectile position of the organic missile "Giga Destroyer". The back wing is sharpened and vividly expressed using a PET sheet printed with a pattern. The tail is flexibly movable by splitting and connecting with internal leads. A large set of parts and display bases that can reproduce Alterous mode. 3D metallic stickers that can be attached as accents are included in various places. In consideration of expandability as a plastic model, connection holes for expansion are placed in various places.

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