FX Creations RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Banshee Norn AGS Pro Suspension Backpack GUC76181AGS-01

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FX Creations RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Banshee Norn AGS Pro Suspension Backpack 

FX Creations X Gundam UC Crossover Series

The AGS PRO (Anti Gravity System) Feature:
The core component of the AGS™ (Anti Gravity System), which produces elasticity and supports the load with each step of the human body while walking, allowing the user to experience an unprecedented stress-free experience

Product Feature:
‧Elastic Suspension System:
The AGS PRO (Anti Gravity System) uses a stainless steel spring as the rebound core. When the user walks, the high-speed resilience of the shoulder strap causes the heavy object to rebound upwards, which makes the user feel 30% less pressure when using the load.

‧EVA Back Padding
Back padding is made with EVA material which is lightweight, durable and shock absorbing. It provides a layer of comfort and protection to the user’s back.
Product Features:
‧Main compartment x1 (with zipper compartment inside)
‧Back zipper compartment x1 (includes 16-inch laptop compartment, 10-inch tablet compartment)
‧Top zipper compartment x1
‧Front zipper compartment x2
‧Side zipper storage pocket x2
‧Front double zipper design
‧Adjustable chest buckle, adjust the height and tightness of the chest buckle
‧Hanging belt with hook
-Water-repellent material

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