Gundam 1/100 MG 08th MS Team MG RGM-79G GM Ground Type Model Kit


SKU: BAN631466

Gundam 1/100 MG 08th MS Team MG RGM-79G GM Model Kit

The "Sniper" version of the GM Custom (as seen in 
Gundam 08th MS Team). The standard RGM-79[G] were built as cheap ground-pounders with this variant being built in limited numbers for long range sniping and support roles. The kit is a standard Master Grade release from top to bottom, and for those of you who have never built one, that means it's incredible!

Complete inner detail is provided for the legs, cockpit, backpack unit, etc. Fully posable hands are just part of the completely posable structure that lets you duplicate virtually any scene you can think of. Comes with beam Sabre, Long Range Beam Rifle - sniper type (external power pack is not supplied), 100mm machine-gun, missile launcher, beam rifle and shield. Quite the weapons package!

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