Gundam 1/144 RG #16 Gundam 0079 MSM-07S Z'Gok Char Aznable Model Kit


SKU: BAN616012

Gundam 0079 1/144 RG MSM-07S ZGok Char Aznable Model Kit

The 16th of the RG series is an amphibious MS "CHAR'S Z'GOK."

Realizes the streamline form in order to reduce the friction of water and speed up. Its unique interior frame is designed for an amphibious MS to dive into water or fight battles on the ground. It is realized with advanced MS joints. Sonar to search and detect enemies, and measure objects under water is adopted. Considering going under water and surfacing, the weep holes are molded throughout the whole body. The cockpit is designed spherically for waterproof and pressure resistance. Claws on its arms, which are the most characteristic weapon, are designed in the image of well honed sword. The propellers in its legs and back pack are recreated. They make it possible to move to various directions under water.

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