Gundam 1/144 HG AGE #14 WMS-GB5 G-Bouncer High Grade Model Kit


SKU: BAN573858

Gundam AGE 1/144 HG #14 G-Bouncer [WMS-GB5] High Grade Model Kit

The signature suit used by Woolf Enneacle  (White Wolf) has his customized suit now appearing in the HG Line. Based off of his previous suit, the G-Exes, this upgraded suit uses new parts developed from the AGE-1 Spallow to be a bigger threat against the Vagans! 

  • The new white MS "G-Bouncer" from "Mobile Suit Gundam AGE" joins the HG series.
  • Designed after G-Exes and reinforced for the ground command field
  • Comes with G Bouncer custom beam rifle, shield, heat sword, and beam sabers
  • 6 Runners, 1 Foil sticker sheet, Instruction manual

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