Gundam 1/100 MG Seed ZGMF-X09A Justice Z.A.F.T Model Kit


SKU: BAN631503

Gundam Seed 1/100 MG Justice Z.A.F.T ZGMF-X09A Model Kit

From the TV series "Gundam Seed", the Justice Gundam has finally been made into a Master Grade kit! Justice Gundam's multipurpose sublifter with movable beam cannons and machine cannons, the Fatum-00, can be configured into different flight positions on back and also as a flying mount for it to stand on. Pair with MG Freedom 2.0 and MG Providence to complete ZAFT's Gundam Seed lineup! Includes two beam boomerangs that be stored in shoulders, two beam saber, beam rifle, and Laminate anti beam shield. Runner x16. Sticker sheet x1. Marking sticker sheet x.1 Dry decal x1. Instruction manual x1. Product size: Approx 7"


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