Gundam Seed 1/60 PG Skygrasper + Aile Striker Model Kit


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Skygrasper + Aile Striker 1/60 PG

FX-550 Skygrasper + AQM / E-X01Aile Striker

The Perfect Grade Skygrasper and Aile Striker would be great companions to your PG Aile Strike Gundam. Support units from the anime Gundam Seed, these two units are nicely detailed and can be displayed on an included base.

This kit does not come with the PG Strike Gundam.

All parts are the snap-fit type and the entire model is molded in multiple colors so no glue or paints are required, but detailing with paint and Gundam Marker will enhance the look of the model. The Instructions are written with notes in Japanese but can be assembled by following the illustrations.

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