Gundam Seed VS Astray 1/100 #23 LN-GAT-X207 Nebula Blitz Model Kit


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Nebra Blitz Gundam is a highly upgraded Mobile Suit over its predecessor Blitz Gundam, and now making its debut as a sharp snap-fit plastic kit in 1/100 scale! Weapons include the Maganoikutachi, Lancer-Dart, beam saber, Tsumuhanotachi, Gleipnir, and Maganoshirahoko. Its backpack can be attached to the back of Van Saviour Gundam, and other backpacks from Nix Providence Gundam and Regen Duel Gundam can be attached to the back of Nebra Blitz Gundam. Foil stickers and tetron stickers are provided. Includes exploded-view pictorial-type instructions, with notes in Japanese.

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