Gundam The Origin 1/144 HG #019 MS‑06CK Zaku Half Cannon


SKU: BAN197676

Gundam The Origin 1/144 HG #019 MSD MS‑06CK Zaku Half Cannon

- Zaku Half Cannon made the first HG from [Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN MSD].

- Characteristic rear arming is a selection formula of Cannon gun and Vulcan cannon.
- Various options including 2 big guns that can be connected to the backpack and equipped, as well as different variation equipment can be reproduced by selecting parts.
- In addition to a variety of heavy weapons, weapons heat and Hawk dedicated to approach are included for handheld use and for carrying.

  • 180mm Cannon x 1
  • 120mm Gatling cannon x 1
  • Big gun x 2
  • Heat hawk x 1
  • Heat hawk holster x 1


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