Kotobukiya Alice Gear Aegis Megami Device Sitara Kaneshiya Ver Karwa Chauth A2 Model Kit KP503


SKU: KOT017238

The second actress from the popular mobile game Alice Gear Aegis to join Kotobukiya’s collaborative Megami Device line is Sitara Kaneshiya! As an added bonus, the kit comes with a present code to receive an item in the game.

As part of the Megami Device series, the model consists of the base “machineca” body designed by Masaki Apsy and a variety of unique armor and weapons. For the first time in the series, the model utilizes a new short version of the machineca to match the original character design. Designed by Kanetake Ebikawa, Sitara appears in a new lightweight dress gear, “Karwa Chauth,” that will be released in-game in October 2019, when the model will also be available in stores.

Model Specifications:
-The kit will include a present code for a new set of gear and clothing for Sitara as well as 200,000 gold for the game.
-The kit includes three different pre-printed face parts.
-The model can be constructed with her signature gear in “Armed Mode,” or without armor and weapons in “Unarmed Mode.”
-The kit includes a variety of gear parts, including a shot gear, cross gear, and extendible claws, allowing users to recreate a variety of combat scenes.
-The kit includes a variety of translucent effect parts, to recreate flying or shooting poses.
-The “Machineca” body base boasts an impressive range of flexibility, allowing it to be displayed in a variety of natural poses.
-The kit includes the popular “Cat Ears and Tail KSs” accessories, allowing users to customize their model.
-The model is equipped with several 3mm connection points, making it compatible with existing M.S.G, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl weapons and armor.
-The kit includes a variety of decals for the eyes and other markings.

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