Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Baselard Model Kit FG012


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Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Baselard Model Kit FG012

Kotobukiya' s Frame Arms Girl line expands with a special version of the Frame Arms Girl Baselard. Frame Arms Girl is a new expansion of Kotobukiya' s Frame Arms series combining the customizability of the Frame Arms plastic model kits with the aesthetics of their Ani Statue lines. Consisting of around 200 pieces, Frame Arms Girl Baselard is fun to build and display All Frame Arms Girl are compatible with other Frame Arms Girl and Frame Arms model kits, and consist of wide range of posing options (some poses may require a display stand). Each Frame Arm Robot comes with various interchangeable parts allowing the users to have a wide range of playability. You can have fun changing the outside armor with other Frame Arm Robot models. Compatible with Kotobukiya Original M.S.G series. You can combine M.S.G parts onto the 3mm connector holes on the body of the armor. Fully customizable! Use with other Frame Arms Girl armor, weapon, and model kit sets!


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