Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Hand Scale Gourai Model Kit FG062


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Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Hand Scale Gourai Model Kit FG062

The first Frame Arms Girl to join the “hand scale” series is Gourai!

Now you can have the original Frame Arms Girl, based on the Frame Arms mech by Takayuki Yanase with character art by Humikane Shimada, in a new compact size that will fit in the palm of your hand!

Model Specifications:
・This miniature model uses the data from the original “Frame Arms Girl Gourai,” maintaining a high level of detail and accuracy even at the smaller scale!
Despite its small stature of 72mm, the model boasts 22 points of articulation.
・ The kit includes a bazooka and knife.
・The miniscule face parts are pre-printed using inkjet technology.
・The kit comes with a variety of eye decals.
・The kit comes with three unprinted face parts for use with the included decals.
・Due to the small and delicate construction of the parts, the kit includes a set of spare parts for the arms.
・In addition to open and closed hand parts, the kit also includes hands for holding larger weapons, as well as two hand parts with connections for M.S.G. and other weapon parts.
・The kit includes parts to convert the 2mm joints to 3mm in order to make the model compatible with M.S.G. weapons and accessories.
・The kit also includes an optional 3mm connector part for the back.

What is the Hand Scale Series?

Thanks to advanced modeling technology, Kotobukiya is able to present a new line of miniature model kits with an unparalleled accuracy and articulation. These model kits are made of colored plastic and include pre-printed face parts, allowing you to create a detailed model with no painting required!

The kits in this line include a variety of PVC hand parts and connection joints, making them compatible with parts from all of Kotobukiya’s existing model kit lines, from M.S.G and Frame Arms Girl to Hexa gear and Frame Arms.

The head, arm, and leg parts from all of the Hand Scale kits will be interchangeable, giving you even more customization options as the series grows.

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