Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Zelfikar Model Kit FG014


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Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Zelfikar Model Kit FG014

The latest robot from the Frame Arms line to join Kotobukiya’s original spin-off series Frame Arms Girl is Zelfikar! This model kit features Takayuki Yanase’s mech design recreated into adorable FA Girl form by illustrator Humikane Shimada!

Zelfikar comes with two unique weapons, a prototype light-wave emitter for the right arm and an offensive shield system for the left arm. The armor can also be reconfigured to recreate “blast shield mode.” Additionally the base of the blast shield can be used as armor.

Featuring all new sculpting in the head, face, hair, chest and back of the base. This kit also includes three interchangeable face parts which include smiling/looking left, looking down, and crying. The model can also be turned into a bunny girl by attaching the included tail part.

Once complete this model kit is highly poseable and uses ball joints for a wide range of expressive poses. Also included with the kit are interchangeable hand parts and decals for eyes and other marking. The kit can be built with or without her armor and features shoulder attachments for arms extension parts that are compatible with the arms from Frame Arms Baselard and other Frame Arms model kits. 

Product Features

  • 7.48 inches (19cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Articulated figure once complete
  • 3mm connections on the arms and legs are compatible with the M.S.G and Frame Arms series
  • The kit does not include the hair parts from the Baselard Frame Arms Girl

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