Marvel Select Classic Green Goblin Action Figure

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Marvel Select Classic Green Goblin Action Figure

A maniacal manifestation of Norman Osborn's chemical-induced insanity, the Green Goblin has done more than any other villain to wreck Spider-Man's world. An accident involving an untested, experimental formula granted Norman Osborn superhuman strength, a heightened intellect and an accelerated healing factor - at the cost of his sanity.

The Green Goblin rides a high-flying Goblin Glider and carries a power-packed arsenal, including incendiary and concussion grenades theatrically cast in the form of miniature jack o' lanterns, and gloves capable of discharging electrical pulses of up to 10,000 volts.

The Green Goblin was sculpted by Sam Greenwell, and comes with a Goblin Glider and a bound figure of Peter Parker, as seen on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #39.

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