Mezco Toyz ONE:12 Krig The Pale Driver Action Figure Exclusive

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Mezco Toys ONE:12 Krig The Pale Driver Action Figure Exclusive

Forceful. Calculating. Unyielding.

The Krig - legendary super soldiers built from flesh, fused with machines. Deploy the Pale Drivers - the infamous four-man unit that executed the incursion on Solomon 9. 

The One:12 Collective Krig wears Pale Driver armor, built to withstand the sub-zero temperatures on Solomon 9. Their armor features a light-up function in their chest rig, duty belt, thigh holster for their Side Blaster, and terrain boots. The SM9 Integrated Unit fits securely over their head portrait with a light-up tech-eye. The removable Field Poncho with integrated posing wire can be customized with the included sticker sheet.

The Pale Drivers are relentless and equipped with standard-issue Krig weaponry including an MF112 Proton Cannon, Cyber-Scythe, MWTH Taser, Blade, multiple weapon FX, and more. 

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